Ghetto Dreams and Drama

The Story of The Life of A Drug Dealer and His Love

Ghetto Dreams and Drama

 Coming Soon Soundtrack "Ghetto Dreams and Drama Featuring " Aeileon" 2011

The movie Ghetto Dreams and Drama Tells the story of JP who is a square that turns to drugs as a means to gain the respect of his peers in High School. JP eventually gets the attention of the girl of his dreams Anna his senior in high school, but, drug dealing the very thing that gave him Anna will destroy their family and brings their children into a world of crime and murder. JP will go to jail and Anna will die from HIV while leaving thier kids a past example that will lead them into a life of destruction. The movie has many characters that will bring a realistic view of the inside of the world of drugs and sex such as Natasha who is Anna's naughty best friend, and Money the drug dealer that introduced the life of hustling to JP. Ghetto Dreams and Drama is one of the most anticipated movies that will be made, because it shows the true reflection of how two people who love each other can rise to an empire and happy life with drug dealing and fall to the same life of hustling that brought them together. 

   Poem from "JP" to the WORLD

       Im a Product of my environment

              where theres drugs ,thugs +plus guns =equals violence

when the Sirens come;Silence
pigs won't call you a snitch if you call in anonymous
Theres no Hope in the hood alot of CRACK tho
jumpoffs like frogs swallow my tadpoles
not enough real nikaz...where they at yo?
Your whole click homos ,dickheads and assholes
Cash rules Everything
Dont Trust Anything
Best Friends will turn to your worst Enemy
Many Men are not Men at all
their mouth bigger than their heart
they dont have the balls;
no cojones, Do you know what beef is homie?
I guess not thats Bologna
If you cant do nothing for me your not in the circle
Im the King but just like that artist Prince I mess with that Purple
Ill hurt you if you violate thats just the way i was raised
Father was never there guess he didnt really care
Grew up a screw up like am I the reason he's not here
Everyday it seems like mommies tears reappear
theres not a pill that will take away the pain she feels
Damn why does it have to be like this?
I dont want to live if its going to be like this...
I dont want it to recycle and have my kids recite this
Why do I keep bearing left when I want to go Righteous
Cops Harrassing working my last nerve
good way to earn your pay modern day master
Racism Still? My lips sealed Guilty found innocent
Liscensed To Kill
Never have I abide by the law
or had a idol dog...
All I got is this liquor and Suicidal Thoughts....
by -ELViS De La Cruz


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